We respect the environment!

It starts with our product – the systainer®. Our case system guarantees environmentally-friendly, reusable packaging that doesn't add to the mountains of trash polluting our planet. The systainer® is constructed from 100% recyclable ABS plastic. This makes it long-lasting, efficient and rugged; many of our customers have been working with a systainer® for decades.

Our company building was also constructed with a variety of climate protection features. For example, we use regenerative geothermal energy to heat and cool our administrative building. The heating and cooling concept is supported by concrete core temperature control, in which the temperature is regulated through guiding heat and cooling directly into the concrete components of the floors or ceiling slabs. In addition, decentralized electronic instantaneous water heaters provide hot water on demand, eliminating energy-intensive hot water storage.

Recycling Information of Packaging

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Packaging is also made up of important materials that can be recirculated in the resource cycle if they are separated and recycled accordingly.

Individual packaging materials can be distinguished from each other using the alphanumeric coding in accordance with Commission Decision 97/129/EC. Refer to your local regulations for separating your recycling.

The materials most commonly used in TANOS packaging briefly explained:

Packaging marked with code 20 to 22 should generally be disposed of with waste paper. This includes the cardboard packaging and blister cards that come with newly purchased TANOS products.

Packaging material with the code 01 to 07 are forms of plastic packaging, such as blisters, films, bags and polystyrene inserts. In many countries and municipalities, users can put this type of packaging in the yellow bag or bin.

It is important to separate the individual packaging materials before disposing of them. For example, users should remove the blister card from the blister and dispose of the individual materials in the relevant systems.

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