Information about your Personal Data

General Information

We, Tanos GmbH (hereinafter referred to as  „TANOS“) collect and process personal and business related data to fulfil  various purposes. 
What kind of data categories do we use and  where do we get them from?
We process in particular your contact details (company name, address,  title, first name and last name of contact person, telephone number and or  mobile number and e-mail address of contact person). Depending on the specific  purpose, we also collect and process bank details and your tax ID-number.
In general, we collect the relevant data from you directly. 

What are the purposes and the legal basis for  the processing and who is responsible?
We process your data in accordance with the European General Data  Protection Regulation (GDPR), the applicable local data protection regulations  as well as other applicable laws and regulations. 

a) Fulfillment of contracts:
TANOS closes various contracts (e.g. contracts with suppliers, dealers,  service partner) in order to fulfil its business purpose. The collection and  processing of data serves the establishment, execution and termination of the  respective contractual relationship. The main legal foundation is Article 6  para 1 b) GDPR. To the extent necessary, we also process your data according to  Article 6 Para. 1 f) GDPR, to safeguard justified interests of us or of third  parties (e.g. authorities). This is in particular the case within the context  of clarification of crimes or, within the company group, for the purpose of  group controlling, internal communication or other administration purposes. In  addition, the processing can be based on your consent.

Responsible for the data processing is:
Tanos GmbH, Pionierstraße 1, 89257  Illertissen, Germany, Phone: +49 7303/16530200.
Data protection officer is Mr. Jürgen Lang, who you can reach under datenschutz-tts@festo.com
b) Offering and execution of various  online-services:
TANOS offers various online services, e.g. website, newsletters or its  online-shop. In relation to such services, please take into account our privacy  statement available under .

c) Raffles, lottery, tombola  
TANOS offers raffles or tombolas. For the execution of such activities  we collect on process your data (name, first name, address, e-mail address).  Legal foundation is Article 6 para. 1a) and Article 6 para  1b) DS-GVO.

Who receives your data?

Within our company, only those persons and  functions have access to your personal data, who need to know those in order to  execute the contractual and legal obligations. Within the company group your  data will be transmitted to another company, if and to the extent they conduct  data processing tasks centrally within the group.  
Besides, we use various service partners in order to fulfill the  contractual and legal obligations (e.g. shipment of products or dispatch of  mailings). A list of service providers we use for such tasks and which are not  only in a momentarily business relation, can be viewed at upon request
In addition, your personal data may be transmitted to recipients outside  the company group if this is required to conduct legal or contractual  obligations. These could be for example:
  • Governmental  authorities (e.g. courts, revenue office)
  • Credit institutes (SEPA)
  • Liquidator, insolvency trustee in case of insolvency.

Are you obliged to provide us your data?

We would like to inform you, that within the context of the respective  conrractual business relationship it is necessary to provide us with those  personal and business related data required to establish, execute or terminate  that relationship or that service promise and which we are thus required to  process. If you choose to not provide us with that data or to opt for your  right to object in such case, we will not be in the position to fulfill the  contract with you.
How long do we store your data?
We delete your data as  soon as there are not required any more for the specific purpose or if you have  objected to the processing. After the termination of the contractual  relationship your data will be stored as long as we are legally obliged to do  so. This arises from legal documentation and preservation duties, which are  regulated in the commercial code or applicable tax regulations.
What rights do you have as person concerned?
You may request towards the responsible for information about the data stored in relation to you.
In addition, under certain circumstances, you may ask for correction or deletion of your data.  You may also have the right to restrict the processing of your data as well as  the right to receive the data provided by you in a structured, common and  machine-readable format.
Right to object
You have the right to  object, without giving any reasons, that your personal data is processed for  the purpose of direct advertisings.
Do we process your  personal data to safeguard justified interests, you may object that processing  due to reasons of your specific situation
We will then stop to  process your personal data unless we can prove that compelling, protection  required reasons which prevail your interests and rights or in case the  processing is necessary to enforce, execute or defend our rights.
Where can you realize your rights? 
You have the  possibility to contact the competent authority. Of course, you may also  approach us directly or our data protection officer with your concern.