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A comprehensive system!

Renowned manufacturers around the world have already decided in favour of systainer® products, offering their customers maximum quality and added value! Whatever the manufacturer, our systainer® are always compatible with each other allowing you to profit from this comprehensive system! 08.04.2016

Caster ”SYS-CART”

Comfortable transport of systainer® or further objects. Simple, fast and secured connection of systainer® T-Loc, Classic Line and Tool-Box with the caster ”SYS-CART”. 08.05.2015

Ingenious solution with fasteners in a customized systainer®

In collaboration with TANOS, FAST has developed this systainer® solution featuring a modular insert adapted to the existing FAST-boxes containing fasteners.
These boxes, with our without lid, can be placed wherever in the insert. 15.07.2016

systainer T-Loc Safety set

Protect your precious equipment with the systainer T-Loc safety set. 28.03.2015

systainer T-Loc – Individual labelling

Four slots in standardised cheque card format allow product labelling in all variations. 25.02.2015

systainer T-Loc – Robust companions for extreme demands

Quality made by TANOS: Our systainer offer maximum stability due to high-quality base material (100% ABS polymer) combined with innovative design patterns. 25.02.2015

systainer T-Loc – Versatility

The most important demand on an intelligent transport and packing system is a highly variable and versatile interior. 03.03.2015

systainer® T-Loc

A brilliant idea with a wide range of advantages. The central element is the T-Loc catch, which enables a complete operation using only one hand and one [T]urn: Lock, open and connect. 08.05.2012

systainer® T-Loc – CI-compliant / Print

With an individual choice of colours for body and lid, handle and catches you can adapt the appearance of your systainer® to your corporate design. Your company logo or a publicity slogan can be printed on all four sides of the systainer® body, on the lid and on the catches – even in colour print. 03.03.2015

systainer® T-Loc – Customer-specific mounting

We are pleased to take over the complete mounting of your products in the systainer®, as well as the purchasing of external products and the delivery to your client. 25.02.2015