We don’t just deliver packaging, we deliver a system!

All products are included in our product portfolio All products are included in our product portfolio
Major brands around the world have already chosen systainer® to offer their customers maximum quality and added value! No matter the brand, our systainer® cases are always compatible with one another, letting your customers benefit from our cross-brand system!

As a partner to industry, we offer outstanding service in addition to our wide variety of systainer® solutions. Our services make your life easier and ensure a smooth process.

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The systainer®

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We offer the perfect solution in our systainer® system for your products.

More than just product packaging

The systainer® strengthens your brand image and enhances your product through maximum individualization. Your customer benefits from an extensive product range, which is rounded off by practical accessories and is thus ready for any work assignment. This makes the systainer® not just a box, but a system.

The established case system

The systainer® is an established case system that has been sold to more than 26 million clients worldwide and is used by millions of people worldwide. Your company will also benefit from this range thanks to an individualized packaging in systainer®.

Very versatile

The systainer® is very popular in the craft sector for packaging and transporting power tools, professional equipment or hand tools. Here, the system is characterized by its ideal applicability in the workshop, on the road and on the construction site. The systainer® is also a reliable partner in everyday life even in niche areas or in medicine. Due to its robust construction and the high-quality ABS material, it can be used in various trades and offers a high degree of flexibility.

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